5 Disney Quizzes You’ll Love

I’m a Disney freak.  Like majorly.  Not as in “omg, I love watching the Disney channel”.  No, no….that went down hill after Lizzie McGuire and Zenon.  I’m talking real Disney.  The classic animated films, the new ones, and even the live action blockbusters.  I’m a tad obsessed.  If you follow my Instagram, you know that my friends and I are alwayyyyyys at Disneyland.

Since I love Disney so much, I love testing my knowledge.  I usually get 100% on these quizzes so I thought I would test all of your knowledge as well!  How well do you think you know Disney?!

The Hardest Disney Dog Identification Quiz You’ll Ever Take

Disney quizzes

Can You Guess Who’s Missing From These Disney Screenshots?

Disney quizzes

Can You Identify The Disney Character From Just Their Eyes?

Disney quizzes

How Many Of These Disney Movie Songs Do You Know?

Disney quizzes

Can You Pass This Disney Sudden-Death Quiz?

disney quizzes

I love any quiz that has to do with a Disney song…*swoon*.  Seriously, I think I know every word to every single song….too obsessed or just enough?  I don’t care…I love it.

Leave a comment below and tell me:  How did you do on these quizzes?!?!  And don’t forget to subscribe!!