Beauty Advice 101: From Donna Spangler Part 2


The other day I saw a young relative of mine who is absolutely beautiful and I noticed that she wears a base that is too dark for her skin tone. In the light it looked like she was wearing a mask. It was so apparent and odd looking that even the guy sitting next to her noticed the discoloration. He made a comment to her expressing that he could see her neck was much lighter than her face. This is a common mistake that younger gals make. It is very important to get a shade of base that is closest to your skin tone. The best way to test them is to go to the department store and ask for help. You will find that most cosmetic professionals in the larger department stores are very helpful with this kind of thing. It is also good to get to know the cosmetic professionals because they will let you know about upcoming specials on cosmetics, the latest trends and they will always be there to give you good advice. If you go to a drugstore where there is not a professional to help you, remember to get a base that is closest to your skin tone. Bring a friend and ask them to help you. Finally, the best way to tell if you have the right base is by putting it on and going outside into the sun with a hand mirror. If you can’t see a difference in the tone between your face and neck, then you have chose the right color!



Wearing concealer on those areas that are red or dark is so important. You probably don’t want to wear too much concealer because it can look heavy and cakey on your face. It is best if you can get by with wearing a small dab of concealer here and there. The idea here is to conceal darker areas and other imperfections. Always try to match the color of your face base. I like getting a palette with a few different shades including a greenish tone for covering up red spots so I can mix the colors for perfection. Some experts say to get a shade lighter but don’t go too light or you can end up with raccoon eyes. I also suggest a bit of yellow tone or orange tone if you have darker skin. Be sure and always test the colors you buy to make sure the colors work for you and try to get a concealer that is light and creamy enough to apply easily. Of course, always apply your base before using your concealer.



Donna Spangler is a Hollywood beauty, fitness and lifestyle expert and best selling author. Donna is thrilled to be contributing to Teenage Wonderland because she loves to give advice to the next generation of beauty enthusiasts.

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