Coachella Essentials

coachella essentials

So yeah, obviously the most important thing you prep for before Coachella is your outfits.  I have friends who spend weeks on this.  It’s no joke.  Really though, April Fool’s Day was yesterday…so like, not a joke.  As everyone in the world is probably aware by now, Coachella is just days away.  And before you all hurry out the door in your gypsy outfits…don’t forget some key essentials that will make your weekend the best ever!

Polarized Sunglasses


I’m not kidding, y’all.  You’re in the desert.  The.  Desert.  Your eyes will burn!  And polarized lenses will really protect your eyes…and probably make everything look much prettier.  My favorite pair of sunglasses are from Reptile Sun, but you may want to be careful and bring a cheaper version!



I’m not even going to explain why this is on the list.  Don’t be dumb….protect your wonderful skin from damage!  Plus, talk about a buzz kill if you forget your sunscreen and have to spend 2 out of 3 days looking like a lobster!  I use Coola Pina Colada Sport Spray Sunscreen!  It smells amazing, is not tested on animals, and is completely organic.

Solar Portable Phone Charger


Obviously…you wouldn’t want your phone to die right before The 1975 goes on!  If you don’t snapchat it, it didn’t happen.  I suggest buying a solar charger, especially if you’re camping!  This one from Secur is wonderful!



Again, desert.  Dryness.  Protect yourself.  A little Burt’s Bees stick will do wonders!



Because no one likes those ridiculous ATM fees, and everyone likes food.

And here’s a couple more basics: earplugs, hand sanitizer, hair ties, scarf, tissues, and some form of Excedrin.

Remember to be safe out there, friends!  Leave a comment below and tell me:  What are your Coachella essentials?



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