Coffee Table: DIY


For the longest time, I didn’t have a coffee table in my living room….and I realized that it actually really bothered me!! Well, my neighbors had left this little table outside….they were gonna just throw it out! So I asked them if I could have it, and they passed it along to me! When I got it, it wasn’t painted at all…just the color of the wood (which was a light creme wood). So I decided to spruce it up and give it some color!! It was so easy too!!

All I needed was acrylic paint, brushes, and some sealant!

For paint, I used little bottles of acrylic paint that I got at Michaels for $0.97 each!!! I got two colors, black and a metallic mint!!! My brushes I also bought at Michaels for under $10!!!

I did about 3 coats of paint in total. The fun thing about acrylic paint is that it doesn’t take long to dry!!! I had the table finished within 3 days!!!

When I was completely done painting, I used Krylon’s spray sealant to make sure the paint won’t chip!!!

All in all, I spent under $20 on my coffee table and felt so accomplished after I finished it!! I love it way more than one I would’ve just bought at the store!!

I love doing DIY projects!! I can’t wait to post more fun projects!!!

Leave a comment below and let me know what kind of DIY projects you’d like to see in the future!!!

Stay beautiful!!!