Crush of The Month: Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is like that sexy professor you always wish you had at your school but never got.  He’s got this sexy scholarly appeal that is totally irresistible.  He was pretty perfect beforehand, and then he married Serena van der Woodsen, I mean…Blake Lively,  and ripped all of our hearts out.  The elegance they have as a couple is  remarkable.  Their Cannes look was something out of a fairytale!  And what’s even better?!  Before Blake, he was married to Scarlett Johansson.  This man knows how to pick his ladies.


He has many films in the works, so we’ll be seeing more of him soon!!  Here’s some quotes from Ryan that are to die for:

“When you have expectations, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.”

“I just like to look beautiful sometimes.”

“I don’t personally believe that villains exist. Villains are just a way of saying that somebody has an opposing conviction.”

“I think every relationship is going to go through a few rough patches. Those are what make it stronger, I think.”

And my personal favorite…..

“When your dad’s a cop, calling 911 is really just like calling Dad at work.”

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Oh….one last thing……abs.