Delusion: Lies Within – My New Play!

I’m so excited about my new venture with this years Delusion!!  It’s such an awesome character and a really fun play!  I know this post is out of the norm, but I’m so jazzed and want everyone of you to come experience this with me!



Your obsession has led you here. You stand before the manor of the great author, Elena Fitzgerald. To the larger world, Miss Fitzgerald is a beloved novelist, creator of theStygian Ascent; a twisted epic of dark fantasy.

To you, Elena is everything.

You’ve wept over the lives and deaths of her characters. You’ve dreamt of walking within her world; a dark world that follows the life of Elena’s daughter, Mary, on a hopeless quest to be rejoined with her mother. Part fiction, part reflection of reality… as Elena’s own daughter went missing before the series began.

For years now, no books have been released, nor has there been any sign of Mary or Elena. In its place, we hear only rumors of suicide, starvation… madness.

Like Elena, you have suffered long enough.  You will invade Miss Fitzgerald’s manor. Her story must continue, must find its end to bring peace to your long-waiting minds….

The play opens in 2 days and tickets are selling out fast!  So, if you live in the LA area or will be visiting get your tickets now!!!  You can read more the play on the website here!