Designer Spotlight: Alexia Klein

Alexia Klein is my new favorite designer.  Like, end of story.  How did I find her, you ask?  WELL.  If you follow me on Instagram, or basically any other social media platform, you know that I’ve been super excited about the premiere of my newest film Fame Dogs which took place at the Independent Filmmakers Showcase this past Wednesday night!  Not only were we lucky enough to be the opening night selection, but we also won the award for Best Comedic Feature!!  Holla.  Back.  So when prepping for this amazing week full of happiness and joy, I went to my friends at Ivan Bitton Style House to have them help me pick the puuurrrrrrfect outfits for the festivities!  And this is when I found Alexia Klein.

Her pieces fit like a glove and they are so comfortable I wanted to sleep in them.  I obviously didn’t, but I felt like I was wearing a cloud the whole time.  Which is super important to me!  I don’t want to be uncomfortable at events and feel like if I eat something the whole dress will come unglued.  (This has not happened to me before, but I’m waiting for the day when it does.)

I was fortunate enough to wear two stunning jumpsuits from Alexia Klein this past week.  One for the premiere, and the second for the awards ceremony.  Check them out below!

Premiere – Milan Jumpsuit:

alexia klein

Awards Ceremony- Combinaison Tiffany:

13321984_10209639146725272_7809933618812882209_n 13315298_10209639145525242_7066537901619079281_n 13310518_10209639147445290_5111917479296023065_n

Side-note, check out this incredible hairstyle my hair and makeup artist Jen Fregozo did for the Awards Ceremony!!!  I die.  She’s a goddess.


Leave a comment below and tell me:  Have you heard about Alexia Klein?  And if so, do you love her as much as I do?!  Oh, and as always, don’t forget to subscribe!