DIY: Color Craze Eye Makeup

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A huge trend that’s going on right now is using bright neon colors to spice up your eye makeup!!! You can turn an all black outfit, into something a little wild with crazy colors!!!

There’s a few different ways to accomplish this look, it’s really about letting loose and having a little fun with it! You could go the Donna Karan route and just use a bright pink shadow on your lid and swipe it under your eyes as well! Or you could go all out like Dior with little diamonds!! It’s truly up to you on how to make this look come to life! But here’s what I came up with!!!


I did a really simple look! Here’s how to get my eyes:

Step 1: Apply a creme eyeshadow base. I use Sorme’s under shadow.

Step 2: Use a bright pink shadow on the entirety of your lid. For this, I used “Fishnet” by Urban Decay.

Step 3: Next, I used a dramatic green on my crease. Simply fill in your entire crease with this color. I used “Graffiti” by Urban Decay.

Step 4: Take the same bright pink color and swipe it under your eyes!!!

Step 5: Mascara it up!

And that’s it! Something fun to do with your makeup….I like doing this even when I’m bored!

Leave a comment below and tell me: Would you use these bold colors?

Stay beautiful!!!!

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