DIY: Grunge Glamour Summer Makeup


Here’s a look to bring out your wild side! This summer, everyone seems to be going a little grungy, and I absolutely love it! This is the type of makeup I use every day. It’s simple, cool, and sets a tone to the rest of your outfit.

Check out the celebs who have rocked this look recently!

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Face makeup. I like to combine MakeUp Forever HD Foundation #110 and Je Beau Hollywood Faces Creme Foundation in Light to get the perfect coverage!!!

Step 2: Bronzer, bronzer, bronzer! It’s so key to this look! I like to use a fan brush when applying bronzer…I find it makes it much easier to get the bronzer right under your cheekbones to really accentuate them! For bronzer, I use Arbonne. They were nice enough to let me try their product about a year ago, and now I order my bronzer from Heather, one of their consultants! It’s by far my favorite bronzer!

Step 3: Next, fill in your eyebrows! I like to use Urban Decay Smog eyeshadow instead of a pencil, but again, your choice!

Step 4: Sweep a light cream shadow to start across your eyelid. For this look, I used the top color from the Almay Intense i-Color Kit: Bold Nudes For Blues. This kit is supposed to be for those lucky ladies with blue eyes, but I have dark brown eyes and the kit still looks fabulous!

Step 5: Next, you’re going to take a dark brown shadow and sweep it across the crease of your lid. When you get to the outer part of the lid, keep the shadow going straight out to create a triangle look with your liner later. I used the same Urban Decay Smog eyeshadow for this part.

Step 6: Now you’re going to take the cream shadow you used earlier and blend in the top of the dark brown shadow with the cream right up to the brow bone. Make sure that it doesn’t get too dark by the brow bone!

Step 7: Take the same dark brown shadow (Urban Decay Smog eyeshadow) and lightly line it under your lower lash line.

Step 8: Eyeliner! Draw a straight line above your eyelashes and end it right where your lashes end. Make sure not to wing the liner up or down, keep it subtle and straight. For this, I use Rimmel liquid liner.

Step 9: Now you’re going to take a black eyeliner pencil and line the lower lashes. I like to use Covergirl liner in Midnight! With the pencil, connect the top line and bottom line on your outer corners.

Step 10: Your lashes. First, I like to curl my lashes, so here’s your chance to do that if you’re comfortable!

Step 11: Here comes the mascara! It doesn’t really matter what type you use, but I like Urban Decay Totally Loaded!! It gives my lashes a really full and lengthy look. Note: you should use the mascara on your bottom lashes too…not just the top!

Step 12: Nude lipstick! Your eyes are the statement with this look, so keep your lips natural. My favorite nude color is Revlon Super Lustrous Nude Attitude. If you don’t have a nude lipstick, just throw a little chapstick on!

And that’s it! Your everyday grunge look!

Leave a comment below and tell me what YOU think of this look and what makeup look you’d like to see next!

Stay Beautiful!!!
J xo