DVF Exhibit: 40th Anniversary of The Wrap Dress

The other day I went to the incredible DVF Exhibit at LACMA celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the legendary Wrap dress!!!!  The exhibit was so beautiful and inspiring I just had to share some pictures with you!!

When you first walk in, there is this awesome little quote on the wall and some flyers explaining the exhibit.


Then you walk down this amazing pink hallway that has a history of the wrap dress plastered on the walls!

After that, you enter this amazing room with hundreds of wrap dresses that are to die for!!!  I stood in absolute amazement for at least 5 minutes!!  I must have looked like a zombie!

dvf collage


There’s also a room filled with portraits of Diane…including the original portrait by Andy Warhol!


And before I left, I just had to stop by the gift shop!  I wanted to buy everything, but I ended up going home with “The Wrap Book” by Andre Leon Talley!


I had such a great time at this exhibit!  If you live in LA or are visiting before April 1st….make some time for this!!!  I promise it will fill you up with happiness and you’ll walk out with stars in your eyes!!!

Stay beautiful!