Find your own style

Why try to be like everyone else when you have the choice to be unique and different. Style gives you the opportunity to create an identity for yourself. It gives you the chance to express who you are by the clothes you wear. The great thing about style is that it is entirely up to you. As long as you feel pretty and confident in your outfit that is all that matters! Finding the right look can change your life drastically! Your attitude towards yourself will change in a positive way and people will notice it! Don’t be afraid to be different, go out and try something new! Remember, you are your own worst enemy!

My wardrobe is a mix of everything! I get bored really easily, so I am constantly changing my look. One day you may see me in a Boho-Hippie attire and the next day I may be in a gurney attire, it all just depends on my mood, and the occasion. I don’t like wearing clothes the everyone else has, so I try to steer clear of popular store items. I absolutely love second hand stores. First of all they are so cheap ! Secondly, they are diverse and have at least one item that would look fabulous on any body type. Lastly, it is very unlikely for anyone else to have the same piece as you. (That’s my favorite part!!)

Stay Lovely xoxo Kendall Rae <3

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