Finding Your Zen

We live in such a crazy world these days and keeping our chill can sometimes seem impossible…which is what I’m going to help you find your zen today with these handy-dandy little tricks I use on the daily!

Deep Breaths

zen breathing

Breathing is one of the most powerful things we can do for ourselves, and our body.  Simply breathe out, and in, three times in a row.  This will calm you down and bring you back to center.

Shake It Out

present moment zen quote

Sometimes all you need to do is to stand up, and shake it all out!  It’s a more spastic zen movement, but if you can shake it all out for 30’ll feel better!  It’s kind of like when Natalie Portman makes those weird noises and movements in “Garden State” to do something completely unique.  Being silly helps relieve stress and stiffness!

Read Affirmations Aloud

zen buddha today

By reading affirmations such as “I am enough” or “Today is going to be a wonderful day” aloud every day, you’re speaking what you want and what you want to feel into the universe.  I read 5 affirmations aloud every morning to keep me in a positive, zen mode all day!  And if I ever feel I need a pick me up during the rest of the day, I read them aloud again.  Repeat until you believe. Check out some wonderfully zen affirmations by clicking here.

Take A Walk

zen nature

Being in nature can really help one connect to their inner self again.  I like to do this by taking my dogs for a walk.  I’ll take one of my girls in the morning, and the other in the late afternoon.  It allows me to fully be in the moment at least twice a day.  Leave your phone at home…go on a 30 minute walk.  Don’t try to solve the worlds problems, be present.

Sit – Mindfully

dogen zen quote

In a world where we’re so “connected” to others and surrounded by technology…try to remember the last time you just sat.  Mindfully.  Peacefully.  Not looking at your phone, or thinking about being somewhere else, or worrying about something you forgot to do….but simply being.  It may seem a little strange at first, since we’re all so used to constantly doing something, but it truly does work.

Let Go

buddha zen quote

It’s the simplest, but the hardest thing to do.  Let it go.  What is meant for you, will come to you. If something didn’t work, it means it wasn’t meant for you.  Trust in the universe and what it brings to you.

Here’s a couple of good reminders from zen masters:

zen master dogen

And finally, if you’ve had a really crap day….there’s always this video to help you feel a little better!

Leave a comment below and tell me:  What’s your favorite technique of finding your zen?  And don’t forget to subscribe!  Namaste.



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