Forever 21 Cucumber Peel-Off Mask Review

Recently, I was at Forever 21 and I saw this appealing little package that said Cucumber Peel-Off Mask and it was only $1.  I continued to look at the ingredients to see just what this product had in it.  Nothing looked too harmful and I noticed it said it was cruelty free, which is always a plus to me, so I bought it and tried it out.  That was probably the worst decision I’ve ever made.  The only thing good about this mask is that it smells nice.  First, it hurt so badly to take it off.  It wasn’t a simple process.  I felt like my skin was breaking and it was really painful!  But the worst part about this product, is that it made my forehead break out for a week after.  I’m not talking a couple little pimples, I’m talking my forehead looked like the Rocky Mountains.


I’m very particular about what I put on my face.  You’ve seen my routine before on a different post!  Everything I use is all natural.  The only reason I decided to try this was to write a review for all you lovely people and either help your skin, or tell you to stay away from this mask!  My skin may have suffered for a week, but one good thing did come out of this!  Your skin doesn’t have to suffer now!!

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