Gerard Cosmetics Lipgloss + Promo for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

I’m totally loving these beautiful colors from Gerard Cosmetics!  Their Color Your Smile Light Up Lip Glosses are such a cool idea!  So not only do you get a fabulous gloss, but on the side of the tube, there’s a mirror and when you pull out the applicator, there’s a light that shines!!  So you can perfectly see your lip gloss when you’re out on the town!  Not to mention, no more carrying a mirror around with you!


What I really love about this brand though is their incredible generosity!  For the whole month of October if you buy this gloss in Pink Tiara, Raspberry Sherbet, Sugar Mama, Fiji, or Pink Frosting they’ll donate $1 for each gloss purchased in those colors to Breast Cancer Awareness!  All you have to do is enter the code PINK when you check out!  AND to top it all off, you’ll also get $5 off EACH gloss!!!  SO not only do you get to purchase a fabulous gloss, BUT you’ll also be donating to an awesome cause and saving $5!!!  That is one heck of a deal!

You can purchase by clicking here!  Help spread the word about Breast Cancer Awareness Month!!!

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