Holiday Gift Guide

Here’s a few gifts I picked up for my loved ones this year..maybe it’ll help you too!

For your mom/sister/aunt/therapist:

Ready. Set. Glow. Box Set from Nerium


Let’s face it…if you’re giving it to one of the above mentioned loved ones…they deserve to get 10 year back after the stress you’ve probably given them!

For your dad/uncle/brother:

Wooden Beer Caddy


This gift is awesome because you know they’ll be using this all the time!  Especially on Sundays.  And what an awesome thing to have as you hop Super Bowl parties!

For your bff (girl):

Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham


I recently wrote my book review on this masterpiece and I stick by it (even though there are some who are so desperate for controversy they’ll make something out of nothing).  I love this book and I think it’s the perfect gift for your bff!

For your bff (boy):

Star Wars Cufflinks


I usually never know what to buy for my guy friends, but this seems like something that I could work with.  I mean, what guy doesn’t love Star Wars?  Plus, as you get older, cufflinks are a must have!  Might as well get some with a little flare!

And for everyone else…..I’m sure they’d be happy with a Target gift card.  I know I would be!

Leave a comment below and tell me:  What gifts are you getting for your loved ones this year?  And don’t forget to subscribe!!