Happy Merry Christmakwanzakah!

I love the holidays and all the joy they bring!  No matter what holiday you celebrate this season, Happy Merry Christmakwanzakah from me to you!  I hope you all have a beautiful holiday!!  Here’s a couple Holiday traditions I know I’ll be doing during the next couple of days:

1)  Make Hot Buttered Rum Batter with My Mom!


Who could resist a yummy yummy hot buttered rum?!  My mom and I make the batter every year and it’s so incredibly good!!  Even if you’re under 21, you can still make it and just not put that little shot of rum in!  It’s just as good!

2)  Stocking For My Dogs!


Yes, I’m a crazy dog lady.  Even you didn’t know this before, you do now.  I love my dogs like no other.  I have a beautiful White German Shepherd and a Malamute!  It’s my first Christmas with both of them so I just had to go all out with the stockings.  I mean, how cute is this?!?!  (they’re completely full now, btw…I went a little overboard.)

3)  Watch My Two Favorite Christmas Movies!

Nothing compares to Home Alone and Christmas Vacation.  They are my all time favorite Christmas movies and forever will be!  Not gonna lie, I’ve probably seen both of them over 100 times each!

Leave a comment below and tell me your favorite holiday traditions!