Holiday Makeup Must Haves

I’ve been going to so many holiday parties this year!!  I love holiday parties but what I love even more is changing my look for each party!  These 5 items are my makeup must haves this holiday season:

1)  See Sheer Lipstick by MAC


I absolutely love this shade from MAC!  It’s the perfect version of a subtle red with just enough brightness!  This is definitely my go-to lipstick right now.

2)  Naked2 Basics by Urban Decay


I’ve been keeping it pretty simple with my eyeshadow lately and letting my lipstick do all the talking.  This palette is absolutely perfect for that!  Usually I’ll use the darkest color in the palette (Undone) as an under eye liner and use the first three colors for my shadow!

3)  benetint by Benefit Cosmetics


I’m not much of a cheek stain girl, but this stuff is addicting.  It stays for hours and the rose color is absolutely stunning!  Also, the bottle lasts forever…seriously, it’s wondrous.

4)  gimme brow by Benefit Cosmetics

gimme brow

My forever favorite brow gel is definitely a MUST HAVE when you’re around so many family and friends you haven’t seen all year.  If there is one thing I always want perfect, it’s my brows.  Obviously.  This stuff is godly.  It looks so natural and really makes your brows look thick and defined!

5)  Buxom Full-On Lip Polish by Buxom


I’ve been using Buxom since I was 14!  I love the plumping effect it has!  It gives me all the right tingles and color I need.  My favorite color is “Jill – magenta tease”!  I mean, they totally named it after me.  (Not really, but I wish they did.)  Actually, one of my acting teachers used to call me Magenta…so I’m gonna roll with it.

Leave a comment below and tell me:  What are your holiday makeup must haves?!  And don’t forget to subscribe!