July: Hair Care Tip of the Month!

I used to have really long hair that was super thick!!! Every time I was on set, the hair dressers commented on how wonderful my hair was. This is what my hair used to look like:

It was full, long, and looked super healthy!

About a month ago, I realized that my hair was looking super damaged and weak. At first I thought it was because of how much I dye it. I mean, my hair has been brown, auburn, black, and the caramel color it is now! I take Biotin everyday, which is key to healthy hair, so what else could be the problem? After some research, I discovered one HUGE factor I was overlooking: the shampoo and conditioner I use. Normally, I would go to Target, pick the one that smells the best, and call it a day! But then I spent the time to really figure out what shampoo and conditioner is the best, and now I’m gonna pass it along!

The number one thing you need to stay away from is sulfate. Sulfate is usually used in kitchen cleaning supplies (yuck!) and is meant to cut grease! If sulfate is in your shampoo, that means it’s eliminating all the natural oils in your hair. It quite literally strips your hair, causing split-ends, breakage, loss of color, and FRIZZ.

After I read all about these gruesome facts, I went on a serious mission to find an affordable sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner and discovered that there are a lot of brands sold at your local Rite-Aid or CVS that have the sulfate-free option!


For Shampoo, I’ve been using Aveeno Pure Renewal.

I’ve found that this shampoo works perfectly for my hair! Sulfate-free initially scared me, because I loooove when my shampoo has a ton of suds and I had heard that natural or organic shampoos didn’t do that. To my surprise, this brings tons of suds! I can really see the difference in my hair when I use this product. Plus, it’s still reasonably priced. I bought mine at Rite Aid for $7.49. Keep in mind, you only need to use a small amount with this product, so it really lasts!



For Conditioner, I use Organix: Biotin and Collagen.

I’ve really come to love this brand. All their products are Sulfate and Paraben (another dirty chemical) free! Plus, none of their products are tested on animals….which is also a big plus for me! Read more about this brand here! This conditioner really gives just the right amount of volume and shine to my hair! I bought mine at CVS for $7.99.

If you’re weary about diving in to a new hair cleansing system, and don’t want to try out the more organic brands, there’s still hope for you to be sulfate-free!

L’Oreal Paris has released several lines of sulfate-free products! Personally, I haven’t tried them yet, but during research I found that the most popular line is the L’Oreal EverCreme.


This product is $6.99 at CVS! They have a total of 5 sulfate-free lines available for all hair types!

I can’t believe how much using sulfate-free products have already changed my hair! I can’t express how important it is for your hair to be using these products. I used to never think twice about my shampoo and conditioner, and now I’ll always read the back label and see whether or not there is sulfate.

Hope this helps for all you hair lovers out there! I’ll be posting some more tip and tricks on how to keep your hair super healthy, so keep checking back!

Leave a comment below and tell me: Do you use sulfate-free products? And if not, are you willing to try?

Stay beautiful!
J xo