Kix’ies: Thigh High Love

We’re all about thigh highs over here at TW, and we absolutely love these ones!

These thigh highs are especially cool because they’re tailored to make women of all shapes and sizes look fab! They also have a silicone-grip at the top of them so you don’t have to keep pulling your thigh highs up all day!

Samantha, the founder of Kix’ies, said, “I believe we want to feel good about ourselves. We don’t want to be crammed in a pair of tights with the dreaded “muffin” top poking out for the world to see. Kix’ies™ are practical, comfortable, and even healthy for women (they let our “girl parts” breathe). And yes, they may even feel a bit sexy to wear, which is an added bonus!”

Also, they’re extremely affordable!!! Which makes us all happy!

Here’s a couple of their styles we tried out:

Check out their website for more of their styles!!!

We hope you love them as much as we do!!!

Much love,
J & K xoxo