Last Minute Halloween Costumes

If you’re like me and wait till the last minute to think of Halloween costumes, you’re probably pulling your hair out right about now trying to figure out what to wear!  Here’s a couple fun and simple ideas that won’t have you spending $100 last minute on that credit card that’s supposed to be for “emergencies”:

1)  Hipster or Boho Disney Princess

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Easy, fun, and cute.  Pick out your favorite Disney princess and I’m sure you already have the clothes needed to rock this outfit.  (PS- whoever made the last drawing of the princesses and included Anastasia…..go home.  You’re drunk.  Anastasia is a Don Bluth animation.  My favorite, at that.  Thanks for playing.)

2)  Be a Valfre Girl

This look is pretty simple to accomplish!  Pick up some hair chalk, dress kinda grunge-sexy, draw on some freckle stars, and put a couple flowers in your hair!  I absolutely love the Valfre drawings and girls….it’s such a cute and easy way to dress up this Halloween!

3)  A Pop Up Comic Girl

How fun is this?!?!  The key with this is the makeup.  I found a bunch of cool tutorials over on Pinterest you can check out for guidance!  I love this because you can basically wear whatever you want!  The makeup is the shining star for this costume!

4)  Your Favorite Halloween Movie Character

For me, it would be either Wednesday Addams, Sally, or Lydia from Beetlejuice.

5)  Regina George


If all else fails, put on a white tank and cut some holes so your bra shows.  Voila!  You’re now Regina George.

Leave a comment below and tell me:  What are you going to dress up as this fine Halloween?  And don’t forget to subscribe!