Live Love Spa: Jillian’s Adventure

A couple of days ago, Kendall and I attended the Live Love Spa Splash event at the Hyatt Regency in Century City, CA!!! I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun I had at this awesome event!

First off, read a little about what Live Love Spa is: “Live Love Spa is a new online community that engages Spas, Brands, Industry Professionals, and Consumers on one platform to maximize learning, connection, and visibility. Users have the ability to browse brands, search for their next spa experience via our 8000+ spa directory.”

Now that you understand what Live Love Spa is, here’s all the cool things I got to try out at this awesome event!!!

I started my day of spa wonderfulness with Moroccanoil! Jemy, my masseuse and hair treatment god, started my session with a relaxing neck and shoulder massage! Then he started my hair treatment using all Moroccanoil products! Once all the products were set, he wrapped a hot towel around my head and let it sit while he gave me a body scrub using Moroccanoil’s yummy scrub! The whole experience was so relaxing and amazing! Plus, my hair has never been softer! He sent me home with the classic Moroccanoil treatment, some Moroccanoil hand cream, and a Moroccanoil cleansing bar!!!

moroccan oil

Next, I moved on to Salt of The Earth‘s booth where I got to create and mix my own “Sugar Glow Body Scrub”!!! This spa is so awesome because when you go in for a treatment, you get to combine your favorite scents into a body scrub and/or lotion so that you have the most enjoyable experience as possible!! I chose one of their classic scents “StressLess” because anyone who knows me, knows I am a total worry wart and stress out about every little thing! I absolutely love this idea! It really changes the game in the spa world with the customization options! Plus, they’re packaging is so clean and simple, which I love for any bathroom products!!!

salt of the earth

Lastly, I got a makeup touch up from La Bella Donna! I really fell in love with this mineral based brand! As you all know, I’m always looking for products that are both healthy for your skin and body, and look great! I love this makeup so much! You can read all about this brand by clicking here! After my touch-up, the lovely ladies at La Bella Donna sent me home with LBD – Women (a mineral sun protection powder), and Love Lips Collection Duo-Lip Crayon!!!

la bella dona

I had the best time in the world at this event!!!

Stay tuned for Kendall’s adventure and another special post featuring all the other awesome products we got to try out and the brands behind them!!

Stay beautiful!!!

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