Natalie Portman // Thor 2 Makeup


Natalie Portman is by far my favorite actress and I love how beautiful her makeup is all the time!!! The best part of her makeup in Thor 2 is how simple and understated it is….yet she still looks fab!!!

Here’s how to get the look!!!

1) Apply your foundation and powder as usual.

2) Blush. The makeup artists used a very light blush on Natalie, almost a coral color. So for this look, I swept a little “Sugarbomb” by Benefit across my cheeks.

3) The eyes!!! We’ll be using the “Naked” eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay for this! First, sweep a subtle brown under your lash line, instead of using any eye liner. I always use “Smog” for that. Then apply “Sidecar” on your lid. Add a little bit of “Smog” on the outer side of your top lid, connecting the shadow to the same color that’s under your lash line. From there, blend from your brow bone down with “Sin”. All that’s left for your eyes is your mascara!!! I like to use Blinc’s Amplified Mascara with looks like this! Since there’s no liner involved, you really have to make your lashes pop!!!

4) Lips. This is a very subtle lip color. I chose Baby Lips Dr. Rescue Medicated Lip Balm in Berry Soft for this!!! Not only is it the perfect shade, but it keep your lips nice and soft too!

And that’s it!! I love this look on Natalie Portman!!! It’s simple, yet striking!!!

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Stay beautiful!!!

PS- if you wanted to also do your hair like Natalie Portman, this is very simple! Simply part your hair on the far left side, and blow dry it. No other hot tools needed!!! Just blow drying it straight, with a little twist at the end of the brush, will keep the volume of your hair up!!!