Netflix Challenge: 31 Days of Horror

October is my favorite month of the year, Halloween is my favorite holiday, and October 31st is my overall favorite day that has ever existed.  I have always loved scary movies…since I was little!  So I decided to put together a little challenge.  I’m going to watch one scary/horror/thriller film a day every day this month!  But the real challenge is finding good films that I haven’t already seen!


1:  The Houses That October Built

2:  Housebound

3:  Haunt

4:  The Damned

5:  Honeymoon

6:  Oculus

7:  The Ouija Experiment

8:  Exeter

9:  Would You Rather

10:  Twixt

11:  Creep

12:  We Are What We Are

13:  The Hole

14:  Suspiria

15:  Let The Right One In (The original, not the US version)

16:  Sleepy Hollow

17:  ABC’s of Death 2

18:  The Den

19:  Jug Face

20:  Starry Eyes

21:  Dead End

22:  V/H/S 2

23:  Mockingbird

24:  The Host

25:  Henry: Portrait of A Serial Killer

26:  Maniac

27:  Here Comes The Devil

28:  Stake Land

29:  At The Devils Door

30:  Antichrist

31:  The Snowtown Murders

Since it’s now the end of the first day of October, I’m off to watch the first film on the list:  The Houses That October Built!  Follow the challenge on my personal twitter (@jillianclare) and tweet with me using the hashtag #scarymoviechallenge!

Hope you don’t get too scared….