A Night Out With Toola (My Fav Fall Accessory)

I’m a woman on the go.  Constantly!  I usually have such a huge purse with me, because I’m rarely home…but I recently decided that my shoulders needed a break from that heavy thing!  And along came my new favorite accessory, my Toola phone case!

This case has honestly made my life so much easier!  I have the two things I need with me all the time, my phone and money!  I also have been clipping my car keys onto the case as well!  The chain is such a fabulous addition to this sort of case!  If you’re like me, about 80% of my outfits do not have pockets, which is always a struggle with my phone.  Especially when I was carrying my purse around.  I was constantly faced with either just holding my phone or throwing it in the black hole that was my purse.  And now, I don’t have to do either!

I opted for the Zipper Case in black!!  I love this style.  It can be classy or grungey….so it totally fits in my bipolar daily clothing decisions!  You can follow Toola on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on all of their new cases!

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