The Perfect Gift for Your White Elephant Party

I love love love going to White Elephant parties!!  My friends and I are having one on Saturday and I’ve pretty much been prepping for it for the last week and a half because I’m so excited!

Now, White Elephant parties can be difficult to shop for.  I have a few different groups of friends so it all depends on what type of people are in your group.  To help you, I’ve researched it all and found the perfect gift for your White Elephant party, all under $25…

For The Loveable Gadget Nerds:

Smartphone Macro Lens from Urban Outfitters  –  $20


You’re guaranteed some good photos of the party this year!!!

For The Partiers:

The Mitten Flask Set from Urban Outfitters  – $24


This gift is magical, genius, and sure to get a “NO WAY!” from the lucky person who gets this!

For The Home Bodies:

Mercury Glass Box Candle from Urban Outfitters  –  $20


This gift is perfect for those who don’t like leaving the house too much!  Who doesn’t love a good candle?

For The Comedians:

Orange Is The New Black Presents: The Cookbook by Jenji Kohan  –  $24.95


I can’t even imagine what this cookbook has in it, but it’s gotta be hilarious!!!  Plus, who doesn’t love Orange Is The New Black?!

And one gift that’s sure to please any type of friend you have:

A Clark Griswold Bobble Head from Urban Outfitters  – $20


Because let’s face it….he’s the true icon of Christmas anyway!

Leave a comment below and tell me:  What are you getting for your White Elephant party this year?!  And don’t forget to subscribe!!!