September Must Haves!!!

Happy September lovelies!!!

As summer ends and fall is in the very near future, here are some season transition must haves!!!!


First off, the classic black hat! I got mine from H&M for $17.95!!! Best deal I could find!

Perfume wise, I went with a classic and favorite of mine, Daisy by Marc Jacobs. I’ve always felt that splurging a little on perfume isn’t a bad thing…you must always smell your best!

Next, nail polishes!!! I have two new favorites this month! First, the Revlon Nail Art Chalkboard polish. The dual ended matte polish is limited edition, so make sure to get yours quick! The cool thing about this polish is that you start with the matte black and then take the other side (whichever color you choose) and paint on a cool design! I went with the “Overachiever” color!!!

The other nail polish I discovered this month is “Grasshopper Pie” by Keeki Pure and Simple! I really love this polish…not only for it’s vibrant color, but all their polishes are non-toxic, gluten free, and are made from a 100% biodegradable formula! In simpler words, it won’t hurt your nails….or the environment!!!

On to the lips! I’ve always been a Burt’s Bee’s gal….but I decided to try out EOS this month and I can’t get enough of it!!! I bought the Raspberry flavor and I absolutely love it!!!

For color, I chose to try out the Smoochies line by Covergirl! This line is cool because it’s a lipstick AND a lip balm! So you get the color you want while keeping your lips moisturized!! I bought the “Tweet Me” color, of course!

Accessories time!! One of my favorite jewelry pieces is this skeleton hand cuff by None The Richer! It’s grungy without being too much!

Next, bows! As you guys know…I love my bows! This is one from my Etsy store called “Country Love”….it’s soft and delicate and I wear it almost every day! I love the feeling a bow can add to your outfit!

Sunglasses wise, circle glasses have been in for a while now….and I’m super obsessed with these ones! I’ve had them for years but here’s some I found that will you get the same look!

And last but certainly not least, the fashion bible, VOGUE! September is always a wonderful month for Vogueing….it’s the big fall issue!!!

I absolutely love love love these products and I can’t wait to rock them all month long!!!!

Stay beautiful!!!