Super Minty Fresh: Do You Disneyland?

I realize the last thing I posted was Disney…and now I’m posting about Disneyland.  Well, deal with it.  Disney makes people happy!  AND HAPPY PEOPLE JUST DON’T SHOOT THEIR HUSBANDS! ….sorry, Elle Woods moment.  My friends started a brand new YouTube channel called Super Minty Fresh last week and their newest episode went up today!!!  Watch as my friends and I prove how much we love Disneyland by guessing these ride specific theme songs!  Play along with us!

Sooo…..I almost messed up the California Screamin’ one, but I corrected myself!  As far as the Pinocchio one – the rides in the kids section are impossible to get on because there’s always a ridiculously long line.  Except for Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.  Anyway, I blame Disneyland for me not getting the Pinocchio one correct.

Leave a comment below and tell me:  How many songs did you guess correctly?!  And don’t forget to subscribe!