Trend Alert: Fresh As A Daisy

Photo May 31, 4 32 47 PM

Sometimes, less really is more! I adore this trend right now! It sends a great message to young girls that you really don’t need all that eye makeup to look and feel beautiful!! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVEEEEE doing my eye makeup, but it’s a lot more fun to do if it’s for a girls night out or a special occasion, instead of an every day thing!!

So, I’m gonna challenge you all! Every day this week, forget the eye makeup, and bold colors, and go for the fresh look! This is just for the days, if you’re going out at night, go crazy with the makeup! But let’s see if we can get through one full week of no eye makeup during the day, only a little concealer and maybe a dash of blush! This is definitely going to be a challenge for me!

Leave a comment below and let me know how your week of no eye makeup during the day is going! Good luck ladies!!

Stay beautiful!!!
J xo