Waves For Days

You all saw my hair from the ISAs…so I figured I’d do a post on it!  I adored this look!!  It was so fun!!  I felt like a mermaid!

Jillian Clare

Step 1:  Blow dry your hair straight!!   You don’t necessarily have to take a shower, just take a blow dryer and blow it out!  This will help even out your hair and smooth the top!

Step 2:  I wore my Luxury For Princess extensions with this look, so my next step was waving them first!!  I actually used pant hangers to hang my extensions while I styled them!  (Normally I would clip them in first and style with the rest of my hair, but I wanted the waves to be even throughout!)

Step 3:  Now I waved my real hair!!  For the waver I used Hot Tool’s CeramicTi Tourmaline Deep Waver.  I’ve always loved Hot Tools and I continue to buy their products whenever I need a new tool!  The waver is really easy to use!  All you have to do is put a small section of hair in the waver and press down.  Go from the root of your hair and work your way down!  It’s a bit of a lengthy process, but the result is wonderful!

Step 4:  If you have extensions, put them in now!

Step 5:  Apply some Organix Coconut Milk  to add shine!  Be careful not to run your fingers through you hair or separate the waves at all!!  That could result in your hair looking frizzy!

Step 6:  On both sides of your part, secure the front pieces of your hair that fall by your face with a bobby pin on the side of your head!

Step 7:  Apply some hairspray and you’re finished!!!

Hope you enjoyed this step by step how to!

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