Yourtea Tiny Tea Teatox Review

I recently did the 14 day Tiny Tea teatox challenge from Yourtea!  I say challenge because it really was hard for me to do this.  My schedule is constantly changing and I never know if I’ll have time for 3 meals a day!  But I really worked hard to get in the 3 meals and making sure I drank the tea 30 minutes before each meal.  I will admit though, I slipped up a couple of times!


I don’t have a lot of bloating issues to begin with….so I didn’t see much of a change there.  Although my stomach does look a little more toned than usual.  My skin is a little clearer as well.  The major difference I saw in myself was my energy level.  It really boosted my system!  I felt like I was super-charged all day, every day.  For me, that’s something I struggle with.  My life is so crazy and hectic that I consistently feel run down and tired.  This tea made me feel more energized than I have in years!

All in all, it was a great experience.  I’d definitely recommend this teatox just for it’s amazing energy and health benefits!!!  I’ll more than likely try this out again…especially when I go back to filming!!!