Healthy Living from Guest Blogger, Sandi Athey!

Hi. I am Sandi Athey.

When I was asked to “guest blog” about health, I hesitated. Health of what? The body, the mind, the spirit, the planet, relationships, animals, computers? You would think that being a psychic, I would know what you all wanted me to share. However, I didn’t get a clear read. LOL

So, I did what I often like to do and looked up the definition.

Noun: health – the state of being free from illness or injury

OK. When I read this, it occurred to me that to be healthy means to be free. Ah, yes. Free.
All creatures strive to be free: the power of independent action and choice. Wars are fought in the name of freedom. Well, guess what? You are free! You have been born with a special and wonderful power…the ability to act at one’s own discretion.


Use that beautiful gift of freewill to find what healthy means to you. Of course, I can easily spout off all the conventional ways to keep your body in balance. Eat organic, healthy food grown directly from the earth. Get plenty of rest. Drink water. These things are very important. And we should all do them.

But to be truly healthy and free from illness or injury – use your brain. Be creative. Find what works best for YOU in body, mind, and spirit. Choice is a spectacular gift and when used mindfully it will bring balance and peace to you on all levels.

Choose wisely, my friends! And live free!

Safe Journeys,


sandiSandi is an intuitive psychic and radio personality who is blessed with the ability to tune into the Universe. Sandi’s psychic abilities developed after an attack that left her near death and severely injured. Through determination and the power of love, she danced with the Universe and healed her body, mind, and spirit. Sandi uses her intuitive gifts with her clients (both human and animal) and teaches us how to embrace each day with gratitude, joy, and love.

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