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I’ve never posted anything political on TW before, I try to keep the blog separate from my personal political views as best I can…but here’s the deal:  I got the most amazing Bernie Sanders tee from DEERDANA and I’M IN LOVE WITH IT.  So, to heck with it.  I’m feeling the Bern and have been for quite a while!  Proud to be rocking this mans face on my shirt.

Feel The Bern - ootd 2

Shout out to Mark Ruffalo who also has this shirt and posted a pic in it…the whole reason I found this beauty!

Shirt:  DEERDANA  (Proceeds of this shirt go straight to Bernie’s campaign as well…double the reason to buy it!)

Skirt:  Jolt

Ballet Flats:  BCBG

Choker:  Don’t even try to find where to get this…this gem of a choker was in a box in my garage.  True vintage 90s choker.

Sunglasses:  Reptile

DEERDANA has a bunch of other pretty dope shirts with iconic people on them…if you don’t know who the person on the tee is just by the name, they have a little bio on who it is once you click the tee.  For example…here’s the one they have for Bernie:


I’m absolutely loving this New York based brand and I’m definitely going to be purchasing more of their shirts!  I desperately need them to make one with Bernie’s face on it that actually says “Feel The Bern”.  I’d buy it in a second.

DISCLAIMER: I’m going to get serious for one moment here…so don’t mind me.  I’m very passionate about politics.  I believe that if you live in the United States, you are an incredibly fortunate person who has the chance to have their voice heard…a luxury that many of the people in this world still do not have.  As a woman, I take it even more seriously.  We gained the right to vote almost 96 years ago, and our lady ancestors fought for that.  I respect and cherish all the hard work those women put in so I can have my voice heard today.

I’m not going to tell you who to vote for (though you know who I support now #FeelTheBern).  That decision is yours alone to make.  The only thing I want to say is…do your research (I’ll post some links below) and VOTE.  Whatever you do, whoever you vote for, JUST VOTE.  The biggest mistake you can make as an American is ignoring the honor you have of voting.  Do it for your future, your children’s future (even if you don’t have any yet..remember: the next generation – our children’s generation – will have to fix whatever we break or continue the greatness we started), and the future of this country.  We have a chance to stand together as a people, don’t ignore that!  If you are only 17 now, but will be 18 come election day, you can register to vote!  The first step is to register, and then look up the primary election date in your state!!! I’ve literally posted all the links you need to make it that much easier for you.

Here are a few links that go over facts of all the candidates:


Inside GOV

FactCheck (one of my favorite sites to use as a resource)


I know when you’re young politics may seem like a hassle, or something that doesn’t affect you. But it truly does..and honestly, leaving the voting booth with that little “I Voted” sticker feels awesome.  And what’s even better is when the person you voted for winds up being President and making you incredibly proud that you voted for him/her!  (Yes, I voted for Obama in 2008.  #noregrets)

Leave a comment below and tell me:  Have you registered to vote yet?!?!  Share this with someone who you know that still needs to register to vote!!!  And don’t forget to subscribe!