“Ladies of The Lake” Style | Part 1

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I’ve been away from the blog for a bit, but only because I’ve been very busy doing my most favorite thing in the world, acting and filmmaking! Which brings me to this post! Last year around this time, I filmed an awesome new mini-series called “Ladies of The Lake” which is now premiering on Amazon May 15th! If you follow me on insta, you’ve already seen the teaser…but for those who haven’t:


In honor of the release, I’ll be posting some of the truly amazing outfits my character Cassidy wears in the show! I’d describe Cassidy’s style as edgy Blair Waldorf meets gothic fairy. What could be better, right? Up first!

Ladies of The Lake | Cassidy Style 1

Ladies of The Lake | Cassidy Style 1

Ladies of The Lake | Cassidy Style 1

Shirt: Romeo + Juliet Couture

Skirt: 5/48 (vegan leather)

Heels: Saks Fifth Avenue


Stay tuned next Sunday for another fantabulous Cassidy look & make sure to tune into “Ladies of The Lake” May 15th exclusively on Amazon!





***Photos by Barbara Caruso***


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