Make Me Look Pretty

Hi friends! Savannah here. Hats off to Jill’s amazing blog – I’m so excited she’s invited me join her for part of the ride. But who is this strange girl Savannah and what does she want to talk to us about??

How about the fact that celebrities look flawless about 97% of the time. Yes, that is an exact percentage. I got it from science, and stuff..

How do they always achieve such levels of perfection, you ask? WELL my dear friends – they have stylists helping them at events, and brands sending them gorgeous free stuff all the time. Not to say they don’t do their own shopping, but how can you not have impeccable style after all of this guidance??

I, unfortunately, am not blessed with stylists/free swag so I must do what the other little people do and fend for myself.

The good news is I’m doing the fending for you. I’ve started a series of Youtube videos of how to dress like the most stylish celebrities for A FRACTION OF THE PRICE. It’s going to be fabulous, I promise.

To kick this off, I must shout out to Ms. Selena Gomez for always looking AMAZING. I wanted to start off with a bang, and gosh dangit – I think I did! If you want to see how to dress like this style icon, just click the little play button below and enjoy :)

What do you think? Did I nail it or what? So pumped to do more of these videos. Who would you like me to do next??

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