4th of July Prep

You still have a couple days to gear up for the most American holiday there is…4th of July!  Read below to make sure you’re fully prepped for the festivities!

What To Cook:

Most people like to BBQ on the 4th, that’s not really my thing (also, I don’t eat meat…so BBQ’ing would be a lot of veggie skewers).  However, BBQ usually means potluck!  So if you’re going to a potluck to celebrate with all your friends and family, I recommend bringing a pie!  They’re tasty and totally festive!


There’s also this nifty fruit skewer option that I dig!!! Literally just strawberries, bananas, and blueberries.  It’s fantastic:


What To Wear:

There are those who are super “MURRICA” and dress head to toe in stars, stripes, and the country colors.  Personally, I like to do one of two options:

  1.  Go classy.  Make it known that you dressed for the occasion, but you’re still keeping your fab style.

2.  Or wear one big statement piece that screams America – which typically means a shirt or sweater with the flag on it.

What To Remember:


As much fun as we all love to have fun on the 4th of July, it’s always good to remember what the holiday is truly about.  It is the day that marks our independence as a country.  The day America was freed of our ties to King George the Third. As we go through these somewhat insane times, let us all thank the men and women who kept our independence alive.  As Jamie Chandler so eloquently put: 

Independence Day is about celebrating our shared beliefs under dazzling displays of the “rocket’s red glare.” Regardless of our positions on Obamacare, government regulation, social issues, or the debt limit, we’re not Donkeys and Elephants punching it out for feed, or Red and Blue States in the midst of a second civil war.

In the words of Patrick Henry, one of the Founding Fathers: we are “responsible for the greatest trust ever confided to a political society.”

I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July!  Please be safe and remember to take a lyft or an uber, if needed!