Fun Spring Makeup Tips!

Tip #1:  Make Your Lipstick Pop!


I naturally have really pink lips, so with some lipstick it’s hard to get the exact color that I bought to translate well when I wear it!

Solution:  Put concealer on your lips, let it dry, and then apply lipstick!!

Tip #2: Define Your Lashes!


You could buy the best mascara in the world and you still might not get your lashes to be as dramatic as you want.

Solution:  Use a lash primer!  This will help lengthen and volumize your lashes.  Smashbox has a really gray primer that I love!

Tip #3:  Keep Your Lips Smooth!


When it’s cold out, your lips gets chapped.  When it’s hot, they can get super dry!!  When your lips look bad, not only do they feel bad, but it’s also hard to wear any dramatic lipstick!!

Solution:  Scrub your lips with a sugar scrub once a week!  This will help to keep them smooth, soft , and happy!