KISS Halloween Nails: Are You Good or Evil?

This Halloween you can deck out your nails with these fantastic KISS Disney Good vs. Evil Nail Art Kits inspired by one of my all time favorites, Sleeping Beauty!  There are four fab kits: two evil and two good, of course.


Reasons to be Good:

– People probably won’t be too scared of you if you have pretty pink or blue nails!

– Both the “True Love” and “Briar Rose” kits have an innocent but flirty feel to them.

– You’ll be on the good side.

Reasons to be Evil:

– My two favorite colors are in the Evil kits: purple and black!  How could I resist that?

– Maleficent. That’s all.

– The names of the kits are just so inciting!  “Black Magic” and “Hedge of Thorns”

All four KISS Nail Art Kits are available at your local Walgreens and for only $9.95!  Make sure to follow KISS on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to stay up to date on all their new products!

Leave a comment below and tell me:  Would be Good or Evil?  And don’t forget to subscribe!