Luxury For Princess Review

I recently received some awesome extensions from Luxury For Princess and I am absolutely obsessed with them!!!  Since my current hair color is red, I had to have my hair colorist dye the extensions once I got them!


I started out with the Princess Super Deluxe 220g set in Butterscotch Blonde!  And instead of having my colorist dye them just red, I had her leave the ends blonde and ombre the extensions from red to blonde!!  I’m super excited about the outcome!!!


So far, I’ve straightened, curled, waved, and crimped these extensions and they’re still in incredible shape!!!  They really hold up just like real hair!  And not to mention, I get soooooo many compliments when I wear them!!!  Everyone thinks they look real!!  I couldn’t be happier with them!  I HIGHLY recommend these extensions!!!  They’re soft and so easy to work with!!  Plus, the clip in process is so simple!  Thank you Luxury For Princess for making my hair look amazing!

I highly recommend these awesome extensions!!!