Top 5 Valentines Day Dresses

Valentines Day is one time of the year where I absolutely have to wear red or pink…my inner Elle Wood would crucify me if I didn’t.  Here’s my top 5 Valentines Day dresses this year:

1.  Under Your Spell dress from Free People


This dress combines the perfect amount of “sexy” with “flirty” while not being too risqué.

2.  Stylestalker Love Machine Dress from Urban Outfitters


A Valentines Day dress that would make Stevie Nicks proud.

3.  Antigua Maxi Dress from For Love and Lemons


Sheer heaven.  It’s the ultimate tease dress and that makes my inner devil smile.

4.  Write About Love dress from Free People


Chiffon + embroidery + long sleeves = V day perfection.

5.  Silence + Noise Witchy Tee dress from Urban Outfitters 


For a more casual date…..maybe one that involves a fun day activity!

Leave a comment below and tell me:  Which dress is your favorite for Valentines Day?!  And don’t forget to subscribe!