Garage Gypsy Jewelry

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As you all know, I love supporting my friends…so this week I’m putting the spot light on Garage Gypsy, a jewelry line from my friend and designer Natasha Kutrovacz!!!

Garage Gypsy is a jewelry line that embodies the soul of a passionate adventuress, whose mission is to share her heart’s beating imagination with that of the world.  She is a bit rebellious in the spirit of choosing her own path in life, following her gut, and her heart.  This gypsy is kind hearted, soft spoken, believes in romance, and rock n’ roll.  She cherishes the aesthetic of wabi-sabi, beauty found in imperfection, and her mission is to create something that has meaning, value, and purpose; something that makes you feel your beauty from the inside out.  Something that will make you feel ALIVE! GG was created by Natasha Kutrovacz.  Born on a horse farm in Illinois, this little ballerina wanna-be, but total tomboy discovered her passion for creating at a young age.  She had an obsession with horses, Lisa Frank and playing dress-up in both her mom and dad’s closets.  Natasha grew up to become a costume designer and stylist, but her inner creative desires never sleep so creating jewelry is the medium that acts as her outlet for sharing the ideas that manifest in her head.

Each piece of jewelry is created by hand, one by one.  What makes each piece especially unique is that different elements of the jewelry have been (and are) crafted or designed during the course of Natasha’s travels through Europe, Australia, the US (and wherever she may venture to in the future).  From the porcelain elements being crafted in Melbourne, AUS to the metal casting in New York City.

The inspiration for this collection came from my growing love for street art and graffiti. As I’ve slowly began traveling the world I’ve come to recognize the works of many street artists and as I’ve become more familiar, I’ve discovered how much I love being on a completely different side of the globe and finding someone’s work I recognize. That contradictory feeling of the familiar and the unfamiliar colliding is amazing. We’re all here trying to leave little pieces of “us” and the Graffiato Collection was created as a reminder to scratch away your name in everything you do, to leave your mark in this beautiful world.

Each piece has been carefully hand carved from wax, is then cast to order using the lost wax casting process in either Bronze or Sterling Silver, and lastly cleaned, sanded and gently polished by hand.  The porcelain spikes incorporated are also hand shaped, fired and polished.  While each piece crafted to hit it’s own mark of perfection, due the nature of hand craftsmanship, each will vary slightly and have it’s own set of subtle characteristics that separates it from all the rest.

This collection is absolutely amazing!  I love simple jewelry with texture.  They’re the kind of pieces that you can wear forever!

Leave a comment below and tell me:  What’s your favorite piece from the Graffiato collection?!  And don’t forget to subscribe!