My Christmas Highlights

I had such a wonderful day with my parents!! Even though my sister and niece couldn’t make the trip down to LA this time, we still managed to all have a fun holiday together (thank god for FaceTime)!! Here are my Christmas highlights that I just had to share with you!!!

1) Christmas morning food:

Every Christmas my mom makes the most wonderful breakfast (she also makes an equally delectable dinner)!! I’m absolutely obsessed with it!! She makes this thing called Denver Omelette Pie. There’s all sorts of yumminess in it: ham, cheddar cheese, green pepper, eggs, tons of spices, and fresh tomatoes on top!!! Yummy in my tummy!!!

2) Presents for my dogs:

This might sound a little crazy, but my parents and I like to get Christmas presents for our dogs (they even have stockings)!!!


3) Movie tradition:

It’s been a family tradition ever since we moved to LA to go see a movie on Christmas together! This years choice was Saving Mr. Banks!! It’s about how Walt Disney convinced the author of Mary Poppins, P.L. Travers, that he could make a great film version of her book! It was really a fantastic film! At times it was a little dark, but at the end of the day, it was all around heartwarming and inspiring. It was so interesting to see the story behind how one of my favorites films was made!!! It’s a must see!


4) Hot buttered rum:

Another tradition in my family is hot buttered rum!!! If you’re not 21….don’t look at this! ;) It’s the most perfect holiday drink….I even give it out as gifts!! Here’s a recipe on how to make it: Old Fashioned Hot Buttered Rum recipe.

Hot Buttered Rum

5) My favorite gift:

I’m SOOOO excited to finally have my own Keurig!!! Not to mention, my parents even bought me a little glass table that holds the K-Cups for me! Plus 100 extra K-Cups of coffee!!!


6) LIGHTSSSS!!!!!!:

Every year, one certain street in Burbank, CA has a couple of the best light set ups!! The first is Norton’s Winter Wonderland!!! How amazing is this?!


The second house, which was right down the street, is called “Winter Snowland”!! Note the awesome Jack Skellington placement!!


I hope you all had a wonderful day with your family and friends!!! Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog!

Stay beautiful!