Romantic Fishtail Braid

Tis the season of romance, ladies.  Whether we like it or not, it happens every year!  So here’s a pretty romantic fishtail braid perfect for your V Day (date or no date, I like to get all pretty just for me…I’ll most likely be playing video games tbh).

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Step 1:  My hair is actually pretty short…so for this look I had to use my clip in extensions form Luxury For Princess!  I clipped in a fair amount and actually put more on the side I knew I was going to pull my hair to.

Step 2:  Side part it.  Personal choice…you can do whatever side you want…I chose the right side this particular day.

Step 3:  Now that you have all your hair on one side, split your hair into two sections.

Step 4:  Okay, here comes the actual braiding part.  It’s simple once you get it!  All you do is pull a little bit of hair from section 1 into section 2.  Then you repeat from both sections only using a small amount of hair each time.  Continue this all the way to the end of your hair and secure.  Don’t be afraid to mess it up either!  One of my favorite things about fishtail braids is how pretty they look even all messy!

Step 5:  If you’re a perfectionist, pull on some pieces and loosen it up!

Step 6:  I pulled my bangs out and curled them.  This step is completely optional…but again…for that romance style, messy is better!

Leave a comment below and tell me:  Have you ever done a fishtail braid and if so, post a picture!!!  And don’t forget to subscribe!