2015 Holiday Gift Guide + Black Friday Deals

Well folks, we’ve come to that time of year again…the season of giving!  Whether you’re going to a White Elephant party, or purchasing something for a loved one, this gift guide is sure to help you choose the perfect gift for all your holiday needs!

  • The Cookie Cups! A cookie in a little cup! A great little treat to send to loved ones this holiday season! They're about to launch a new flavor just for Fall: Pumpkin Cheesecake Cookie Cup! Can you say yummy or what?! Available US right now and it takes 2-3 days to arrive.
  • This travel bag by Della is handmade of batik fabric with vegan leather on the corners! I've always been huge supporter of Della. All their products are handmade in Ghana, West Africa and help employ talented men and women in the community! Della also offers several programs to the men and women who handcraft these beautiful items such as literacy classes, childcare, a volleyball league, and management training!
  • Bite My Apple's Oneadapter is the perfect gift for the world traveler family member or friend! It has 4 USB ports, universal outlet and the intuitive twist-to-change adapter, and works in 150 countries around the world!
  • Squirrel & The Bee : Yummy grain free treats!!! Muffins, cookies, granola, and brownies galore! Plus, shipping is only 2 days for these tasty treats!
  • This is the type of gift I would die for! CourseHorse is a website that helps you enroll in all types of classes in your neighborhood! Gift cards start at just $5.00 and can be used towards any of the 50,000 classes!! They even have cute little designs for the gift cards..personally, I love the winter trees!
  • BLO & Go is actually one of my personal favorite items in my bathroom. Hands-free blow drying...so, it's pretty much like having an extra hand standing above you holding your blow dryer. ALSO- This item is 50% off the regular price & free shipping from Black Friday through Cyber Monday!
  • I Heart Girl is a brand new book by Jessica Yatrofsky. I love this book because it explores the beauty of all women. I feel that truly explores the power of being YOU and comfortable in the skin you're in! Warning: There IS nudity in the book, so maybe keep it for 18+.
  • Dune Jewelry is the perfect sentimental gift for your significant other this holiday season. Remember that one night, at that beautiful beach? Well, Dune Jewelry will take sand from that memorable beach (literally thousands of beaches worldwide) and put it in a beautiful piece of jewelry! I think I would actually cry if someone gave me that!
  • The Fitbit HR. Honestly, I would buy these for my entire family if I could. Health is so important....and the fact that you can track everything now, including your heart rate, is absolutely amazing!

Leave a comment below and tell me:  What is your favorite gift on the list?!



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