Photo Shoot Make-Up by Hilary Montez

Hi! My name is Hilary Montez and I am a make-up artist for LA/OC counties.

Make-up is what I live and breathe, whether it be natural or bold colors! In these pictures I worked on a free-lance model from Russia. She has amazing bone structure and striking blue eyes. She let me be in complete control of her face and trusted me to do what I wanted with the make-up.

We started out the shoot with a natural clean face with clear mascara and nude lip.


The next look was a mixture of brown eyeshadows on the lid complimented with my favorite red lip from Limecrime.


For two of the looks I used Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics lip tar in the colors ‘Black Dahlia’ (deep maroon) and ‘Cholorphyll’ (sea green).

The very last shot we decided to spray some blood just to see what it would look like on camera.

Fun shoot with amazing people. Love my job!


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