Rocksbox Round 2

You may remember my post from December about Rocksbox (the coolest thing to happen to jewelry since Nicole Richie), and I just finished up using my second box!!  Oh, how I love getting these goodies in the mail.  There has to be some sort of study that’s been done on the ridiculous level of excitement that occurs when you get a box of things you love in the mail!

Here are the exquisite pieces I got to rock for the month of January:

Jules Smith Pave Zig Zag Ear Climber

Jules Smith
Pave Zig Zag Ear Climber

If you don’t know what Rocksbox is, here’s a little summary from my last post on how it works:

  “You sign up, do a little “style” quiz so they can figure out what you like and then you get a box of jewelry sent to you that you get to wear for like a month!  Once your done with your jewels, you send it back and get a whole new box!  WHAT?!  Amaze!  Not to mention…it’s a great gift idea!!  You can sign up for your bff, mom, sister,…or whoever else you can think of that needs some bling in their life!!”


Leave a comment below and tell me:  What’s your favorite item from my last box?!  Make sure to use the code teenagewonderlandblogxoxo when you order your special box for a discount from yours truly! And don’t forget to subscribe!



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